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I have this fascination with journals. Weird thing is, I also have this aversion to putting anything down on paper. I always want to erase/burn/get rid of anything I write down. I'm afraid of it being misunderstood or something... or maybe I'm just afraid of my own words being used against me... I don't know really.

Regardless, I have this tendency to purchase beautiful journals and notebooks and then never write in them. I think one of the best gifts of all time is a new notebook or journal. The possibilities when you receive a new empty book like that are endless.

Anyhow. Here is tonight's post. Journals. I want to buy every single one of them. No, really. I do...


from: julieboyles @ Etsy

from: lapaperie @ Etsy

from: NGHDesigns @ Etsy

from: journaljunky @ Etsy

from: maxeenland @ Etsy

from: weegreenpress @ Etsy

from: zany @ Etsy

from: adelama @ Etsy

from: DRawkwaRDstore @ Etsy


LittleElf said...

I'm the same way. I love journals and buy pretty ones all the time, yet I never write in them. Love all the journals you selected!

SB Design said...

I feel the same way! When I do manage to write in a journal I can never bring myself to write on the first page for fear of making a mistake. That way when I open it it still looks new.

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