Random Seller - Unconventional Ida

My friend Tiff's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I'm searching etsy trying to find the perfect gift. I know she is enthralled with one artist on here, but all of her work is really pricey and I've bought her 6 or 7 different pieces all ready. I want to introduce her to someone new, methinks.

So, I'm scanning etsy, looking for something a little haunting, a little whimsical, a little... I dunno... "us" enough for her. We are weirdos, we like weird things... I want to find something that will kinda resonate with us, ya know?

And then I stumble upon it: the UnconventionalIda Shop. Her work is perfect. I fell in love with every piece I looked at.

So, now, aside from trying to pick which one to order for Tiff, I've decided to post the shop as a random etsy seller. ((I must always share my fantastic finds with you wonderful people.))

I know she has not been featured in any of my posts previously, but aw well. I ♥ the shop... so deal with it.

Check out the wonderfulness that abounds:

Also, check her out at these places:
blog ||| idassketchbook.blogspot.com
twitter ||| twitter.com/little_ida


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