Topic : Skulls

Happy Halloween!

Today is a mad scramble to try to get costumes in order for a party we are attending tonight... we are also going along trick or treating with my sister and nephew...

Sounds like a busy day, but I'm hoping this is only the first of at least two posts for today.

So, for the first one... skulls.

Because whats creepier than a bunch of a skulls on Halloween?

from: skullhouse @ Etsy

from: SpookyShades @ Etsy

from: celticdruid @ Etsy

from: MIXKO @ Etsy

from: CreepyDolls @ Etsy

from: dollsanddeadthings @ Etsy

from: runehardt @ Etsy

from: sarahrhacker @ Etsy

from: waterbears @ Etsy


Topic : Creepy

What do you get when you search "creepy" using the etsy search tool?

Lots of really creepy, awesome, etsy finds.

Check it out:

from: kukubee @ Etsy

from: meltingflowers @ Etsy

from: crescenthilldesigns @ Etsy

from: allthingsgreen @ Etsy

from: jillpenney @ Etsy

from: glassgrrlstudios @ Etsy

from: littleblackcrow @ Etsy

from: TatteredRags @ Etsy

from: HeyHarriet @ Etsy

Topic : Pumpkins

So, I'm getting a start on all the wonderful blog Halloween posting I've missed.

So, good morning, and, here, look at some cute ass pumpkin stuff.


from: lysalleycat @ Etsy

from: isabellaboo @ Etsy

from: thelittlefox @ Etsy

from: prettyfickle @ Etsy

from: ShiningStarGlass @ Etsy

from: Fairyfolk @ Etsy

from: waterforest @ Etsy

from: sweetpaperart @ Etsy


Topic : Costumes

So... I've been M.I.A. these last couple days...

Our household had a bout of the dreaded flu, which put us all out of commission for a bit. I am not yet 100%... maybe about 80%... still a little weak and achy, but I am surviving.

I'm saddened that I've missed days of wondermous Halloween postings. I'll need to try to make up for that these next few days.

So without further ado... a halloween post... well, a costume post, I guess. Random samplings of the amazing-ness you can find on etsy when searching for dress-up things...

from: VoodooLounge @ Etsy

from: CustomKids @ Etsy

from: dottyscloset @ Etsy

from: katesy @ Etsy

from: loriann37 @ Etsy

from: magicalattic @ Etsy

from: Nanastutus @ Etsy

from: elleindustries @ Etsy

from: Deconstructress @ Etsy


Topic : Fabric : Forest

Another fabric post. This time I searched "forest fabric". Came up with some beautiful fabrics.

Check em out...

from: afabricoutlet @ Etsy

from: felicitysiu @ Etsy

from: FabbyFabric @ Etsy

from: ThisandThatFromJapan @ Etsy

from: karaku @ Etsy

from: rainbowfabrics @ Etsy

from: kiie @ Etsy

from: FabricFlair @ Etsy

from: BlueManateeDestash @ Etsy


Topic : Fabric : Birds

Okay. So this fabric thing is becoming a mini-addiction. I swear to you, if I had a room where I could store it, I'd be buying every last piece I've posted on this blog the last few nights.

Honestly, I have no idea what I would do with all that fabric... but I would love love love to have it all. Definitely.

Okay, so tonight, it's birds... when I was browsing around for the owl pieces, I seen so many amazing bird fabrics... so that is what you get tonight...

Bird Fabric:

from: babybirddesign @ Etsy

from: CreativeCottons @ Etsy

from: fabricsupplies @ Etsy

from: fabaddiction @ Etsy

from: afabricoutlet @ Etsy

from: fabricshoppe @ Etsy

from: DIYBows @ Etsy

from: NauvooQuiltCo @ Etsy

from: daffodilhill @ Etsy