Topic : Journals

I have this fascination with journals. Weird thing is, I also have this aversion to putting anything down on paper. I always want to erase/burn/get rid of anything I write down. I'm afraid of it being misunderstood or something... or maybe I'm just afraid of my own words being used against me... I don't know really.

Regardless, I have this tendency to purchase beautiful journals and notebooks and then never write in them. I think one of the best gifts of all time is a new notebook or journal. The possibilities when you receive a new empty book like that are endless.

Anyhow. Here is tonight's post. Journals. I want to buy every single one of them. No, really. I do...


from: julieboyles @ Etsy

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Topic : Pillows

So me and my boy are house/apartment hunting.

It's stressful, really.

He wants to buy a house... but I'm thinking we could rent first... I dunno.

Anyhow. I am thinking about new spaces and what to fill them with. I want a new couch... badly. I want something simple in a plain color. Like brown, tan, or gray... and then I want to pretty-it-up with throw pillows. I can switch 'em out whenever the mood strikes me and keep things simple but with my own weird tastes showing through.

So that brings me to today's post. Pillows. I've been browsing pillows on etsy for weeks now and only just decided to compile a post.

So here we go, Pillows.

(Oh, and if you feel so inclined, drop me a comment and let me know which you like best... I'm planning on possibly making some purchases in the near-ish future.)

from: snowdrop @ Etsy

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{Color Post} Turquoise

I feel as though I jilted you with my laziness concerning posting this past weekend. So, I have all ready started searching for the lovelies that will inhabit my next topic post (which should show up sometime tomorrow)... and in the midst of that, I decided a quick color post for tonight sounded good.

So here we go... turquoise.

from: TableTopStudio @ Etsy

from: dalinda @ Etsy

from: EnnaDesignShop @ Etsy


Topic : Soaps

Okay. So, I will be 100% honest with you.

Sometimes I am hella lazy.

Like this weekend... I should have posted some entries on here, cleaned some of my room, got some stuff done... ya know?

What did I do?

Not really much of anything.

And now, here I sit... wanting to update here, but being to damned lazy to want to do a good job of it.

So. I decided to post anyways, and figured I'd try to pick a topic that would be easy to post about.

I chose soap. Why? Because there are so many wonderful shops on Etsy that sell the cutest little soaps imaginable. I know because I stumble upon them frequently whilst readying other posts.

So easy-peasy, right?


Too many damned cute ones to choose from.

I ended up doing the eeny-meeny-miny-moe thing. Yeah. Lame, I know.

But here they are in all their non-easy peasy glory...

Tonight's topic : Soap.

*side note: another thing that makes this post a non-easy peasy one? I like to type the word soup instead of soap. Yeah... the difference between an A and a U is pretty big, considering.

from: EternalSunshine @ Etsy

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Topic : TeaCups


That's the topic today.


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{Color Post} Peach

I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and sore throat.


Seems like a nice way to spend my day off.

(Go figure.)

Here's a color post.


from: xoxocupcake @ Etsy

from: bitofwhimsyprims @ Etsy

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Topic : Necklaces

So, I have to admit to you all...

I have this addiction.

I am addicted to necklaces... especially the necklaces I can find on etsy.

I've all ready purchased at least 5 or 6 different necklaces off etsy over the last year or so... and ya know what? I get compliments on them constantly.

So, here. A post featuring just a few of the necklaces that I am currently lusting after...

from: FreshyFig @ Etsy

from: RachelleD @ Etsy

from: joojooland @ Etsy

from: BINAGEYER @ Etsy

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