Topic : Plush Zombies

So. Blog posting time. Seriously guys, my motivation is completely lacking lately to do anything... I haven't been updating here as much as I should... I haven't crocheted anything in a while... I'm just completely lackluster. ::sigh::

I do think I should set myself down some sort of schedule for this here blog though.... like maybe Tuesdays & Thursdays can be "topic" post days... Wednesdays could be "Hearts" days... Fridays, color posts, maybe? Gotta fit random shops in there somewhere as well... and maybe I'll go back to my random site posts too... idk.

There is some thinking to be done...

So. Tonight's post.

Zombie plush.

So feckin' awesome... you have no clue.

Check 'em out:

from: CuteWorkshop @ Etsy

from: alexzcreations @ Etsy

from: banananuthead @ Etsy

from: Mariska @ Etsy

from: kharliabee @ Etsy

from: tranifer @ Etsy

from: Danielleorama @ Etsy

from: rainbowtreegifts @ Etsy

from: FireBongo @ Etsy


Ghostly {Hearts}

I'm kinda stuck on ghosts lately...

I'm not too sure why...

I thought these ones were pretty feckin awesome, though...

Images via WeHeartIt.


Topic : Autumn-y Owls.

So. Here I am. Somehow I managed to avoid this little blog here for a bit too long.

Well, I had every intention of posting sooner... I even had a really good post all laid out and nearly ready to stick up here... then my computer ate it. Yeah. ::sigh::

Anyhow. I've been keeping busy with my crocheting... just completed a baby blanket with matching bear for my brother-in-law and wife's new baby...

They're expecting a baby boy sometime in December... so that's kind of exciting...

I've also been out and about enjoying this wondermous autumn weather... it's my favorite season and right about now I'm obsessing over all things autumn-y & halloween-y.

Which leads me to my inspiration for my post... owls. First, I stumbled on these a little bit ago:

from: emandsprout @ Etsy

and decided I had to have them... Really... I HAVE to have them... badly.
Anyway it led me to looking up other owl-y goodness and I ended up with this post... check it out:

from: vivikas @ Etsy

from: MrButton @ Etsy

from: CarrotFever @ Etsy

from: supersockmonkeys @ Etsy

from: thebestetsyshop @ Etsy

from: repurposefulpunk @ Etsy

from: CraftyCrowBoutique @ Etsy

from: arrowsarah @ Etsy

from: linascorner @ Etsy

Pretty awesome stuff, right?

Anyhoozles... enjoy the glorious autumn-ness...
<3 Tee


Topic : Ghosty Plush

I know it's still early... not even October yet. I can't help it... there are just so many cute halloween-y type plushes out and about on etsy right now.

So, ghosts. Yeap ghosts.

Check 'em out:

from: theitsybitsyspider @ Etsy

from: lovepoppet @ Etsy

from: mintconspiracy @ Etsy

from: ForeverTLCreations @ Etsy

from: Woolykins @ Etsy

from: emandsprout @ Etsy

from: tinyoyster @ Etsy

from: tranifer @ Etsy

from: raggedsplendour @ Etsy


Random Seller - MisfitMenagerie

Really, this post has been ready since, like, last Friday...
My excuse for not getting it done til now?
Well, I was just lazy this weekend, I guess... worked nearly all weekend too, so there was that... then, last night the internet fairy decided that I'd been a bad kid and wasn't allowed internet access. Stupid fairy.

Internet seems better now... we will just keep our fingers crossed that it stays working the way it should.

So. anyhoozles...

I discovered another fantastical shop recently and have, again, fallen in love with nearly every item this shop has to offer.

The shop this time is: MisfitMenagerie and they are wonderful.

Check it out:


Topic : Pumpkin Plush

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am taking part in a crochet-a-long that is being put on by itsybitsyspidercrochet. I am horribly excited about it and am anxiously awaiting the start of my pumpkin... (I have a few monsteys in progress that I must finish before embarking on the pumpkin journey...) BUT all this talk of pumpkins has got me in a mood, so tonight, my post is all about pumpkin plushies. I do so adore plushies of all kinds...

So check it out:

Can't start out with the pumpkin plushes with out first showing you all my inspiration:

from: theitsybitsyspider @ Etsy

and now, more wondermous pumpkin-y goodness:

from: AmyLDice @ Etsy

from: moonscreations @ Etsy

from: mrowe @ Etsy

from: davenevanxaviour @ Etsy

from: peenanator @ Etsy

from: ForeverTLCreations @ Etsy

from: NotSoShabbyChic @ Etsy

from: ChineseArithmetic @ Etsy

So, does this make anyone else feel like heading out to a pumpkin patch? Bring on Autumn.
♥ Tee