So... I'm at work. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. I could get in trouble.

BUT this is the only place I have internet right now... hence my lack of updating like I promised.

I'm a horrible person and should be stomped on.

I'll be fighting with the internet at home this weekend and hopefully I'll get everything up and running. Then there will be some updatey-goodness.

Much love.




so i was totally gonna update this here blog with my new idea for some post-itty goodness... but my internet was being a lame ass and not allowing me to connect and now that I've got that madness figured out, my laptop is dying. megh. tomorrow night... definitely. i promise.


Something new....

I've been M.I.A the last few weeks... busy, busy, busy with all the monotony that is my life...

But I'm back and working on a surprise next few posts. Check back sometime this weekend... you won't be disappointed.