Topic : RollerDerby

So, I'm having some issues with a touch of jealousy...

A good friend of mine just recently got involved with roller derby. How freaking cool is that?

I so wish we had a team in my home town... I'd be all over it... really. You have no idea.

So, I'm just a teensy bit jealous.

Anyhoo. It got me thinking... what pops up on etsy when you search "roller derby"?

Lots of really cool stuff, is what.

Here, check it:

from: sweetheartsinner @ Etsy

from: manhandled @ Etsy

from: derbylicious @ Etsy

from: evilgoods @ Etsy

from: SnapDragonStyle @ Etsy

from: elladean @ Etsy

from: CausticThreads @ Etsy

from: FranksSister @ Etsy

Lastly, I had to include these... these are awesome. I want a pair... for reallies...

from: hotacrossbuns @ Etsy

So freakin cool. I am so jealous...

♥ *tee


{Color Post} Teal & Raspberry

Today... a color post.

Teal & Raspberry.


from: lenalimestudio @ Etsy

from: agardeninbloom @ Etsy

from: jujustutus @ Etsy


Camping {Hearts}

So, when I get off work this afternoon, I am heading a little ways out of town and pitching a tent, lighting a fire, and basically just relaxing with the family on a weekend camping trip...

I'm definitely gonna try to keep my weekend technology free... hopefully the only time I will use my cell phone will be to check the time, or to utilize it as the wonderful flashlight it is. 0_o And the laptop isn't even leaving the house...

So, with that in mind, I leave you with pictures...

Again, I found these on WeHeartIt.

and lastly, don't you just want one of these?


Cake {Hearts}

I am not much of a sweets eater...

I'll take a slice of bread over a cupcake almost every time...

BUT I am a sucker for awesomely decorated cakes/cupcakes.

They make me smile.

I found these on WeHeartIt.

So neat.

New topic posts coming soon....


Topic : BFF Necklaces

So, I miss my best friend(s) something fierce lately... It's been a year since I've actually gotten to hang out with her(them) and I'm just feeling the distance like you wouldn't believe.

I dunno. But, anyhow... that kinda leads me to my next topic tonight... BestFriend necklaces. I absolutely adore these things like you have no idea.

I honestly cannot tell you how many of them I have purchased over the years... but it's been a lot...

None quite as cool these though:

Have a look:

from: shopyardleydecember @ Etsy

from: wearthou @ Etsy

from: DragonFlyTears @ Etsy

from: iadornu @ Etsy

from: TheTamerlane @ Etsy

from: Pumpkinpye517 @ Etsy

from: tinytongue @ Etsy

from: MissAshleyK @ Etsy

from: beatblack @ Etsy

Awesomely awesome.... which would you get for your bff?

♥ *tee


Random Seller - nonesuchgarden

So, I stumbled upon this seller recently...
and I fell in love.

This shop has some of the cutest things ever...
I would love to own, like, every single one of these creations...

Here, check them out:


Anniversary {Hearts}

Tonight/today is the anniversary of when me and my beau first started dating... well, first became "official" or whatever.

We've been together for 8 years.


So, no post tonight, but I will leave you with a few images:

They make me feel all lovey-dovey...


Topic : Unicorns

I went to the Renaissance Faire this past weekend and seen lots and lots of really neat-o stuff.

One of the things that stands out in my mind was this super cool knit unicorn hat... seriously, it was so cute... the horn even glowed in the dark. How totally awesome is that? If the price tag on that thing hadn't been so awfully high I so would have been wandering around the faire grounds wearing it... even though it was heinously hot and muggy out.

Anyhow. I tried to locate the seller on etsy... thought she might have a shop... no such luck, but I did stumble upon these fantastic unicorn finds...

Check 'em out:

from: nonesuchgarden @ Etsy

from: xmoonbloom @ Etsy

from: fuish @ Etsy

from: mymimi @ Etsy

from: devaniweaver @ Etsy

from: lollytots @ Etsy

from: TheBurbs @ Etsy

from: OtterburnPQ @ Etsy

from: ellenhammen @ Etsy

from: AYMK @ Etsy

Super cute.... which is your favorite?

♥ *tee