Topic : BFF Necklaces

So, I miss my best friend(s) something fierce lately... It's been a year since I've actually gotten to hang out with her(them) and I'm just feeling the distance like you wouldn't believe.

I dunno. But, anyhow... that kinda leads me to my next topic tonight... BestFriend necklaces. I absolutely adore these things like you have no idea.

I honestly cannot tell you how many of them I have purchased over the years... but it's been a lot...

None quite as cool these though:

Have a look:

from: shopyardleydecember @ Etsy

from: wearthou @ Etsy

from: DragonFlyTears @ Etsy

from: iadornu @ Etsy

from: TheTamerlane @ Etsy

from: Pumpkinpye517 @ Etsy

from: tinytongue @ Etsy

from: MissAshleyK @ Etsy

from: beatblack @ Etsy

Awesomely awesome.... which would you get for your bff?

♥ *tee


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