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So, I'm having some issues with a touch of jealousy...

A good friend of mine just recently got involved with roller derby. How freaking cool is that?

I so wish we had a team in my home town... I'd be all over it... really. You have no idea.

So, I'm just a teensy bit jealous.

Anyhoo. It got me thinking... what pops up on etsy when you search "roller derby"?

Lots of really cool stuff, is what.

Here, check it:

from: sweetheartsinner @ Etsy

from: manhandled @ Etsy

from: derbylicious @ Etsy

from: evilgoods @ Etsy

from: SnapDragonStyle @ Etsy

from: elladean @ Etsy

from: CausticThreads @ Etsy

from: FranksSister @ Etsy

Lastly, I had to include these... these are awesome. I want a pair... for reallies...

from: hotacrossbuns @ Etsy

So freakin cool. I am so jealous...

♥ *tee


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