Topic : Lil' Red Riding Hood

My, What big eyes you have...

Little Red Riding Hood.

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Topic : Jackalopes

They're REAL.


I know they are.

My grandma told me she ran one over back in the day when she was a truck driver.

And anyhow.

They're too cute to be not-real.


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Topic : Houndstooth

Is that what it's called?

I think that's right.

At least it popped up as expected when I searched it on etsy.


It looks so classy.

A lady I work with has a houndstooth print coat and I absolutely adore it.



So houndstooth it is.

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Topic : CupCakes

You're my cuppycake...

MMM- Cupcakes.
Who doesn't love cupcakes?

My boyfriend tells me all the time... "You're not a smart cookie, you're a dummy-cake."

I think its cute...

if not a little mean-ish.

He says it in jest...

i hope.



Tasty goodness.

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Random Seller - Marmar

So, I have decided it's time for another random etsy seller.

I have been admiring the cute little charms this wonderful shop sells ever since I stumbled upon the wonderfulness that is etsy. I finally broke down and ordered 2 of the necklaces just a little while ago... as in, really, mere minutes ago. I am in love with the simple cuteness this shop offers.

So, with out further ado, the random etsy seller for today is: Marmar!

Here are a few of the things from this shop that I am so totally in love with:


Topic : ToadStools

...Love is like a poisonous mushroom - you don't know if it's the real thing until it's too late.

Okay, enough cheeseball for tonight...

Our post this fine evening is, you guessed it, mushrooms. Toadstools. The things fairy rings are made of.



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