Topic : Zombies

You got red on.

I'm on a mood tonight. Kinda pissy, but have no reason to be.

So here we are.
The "zed" word.

BTW, Simon Pegg is hot-ish. If you don't know who he is, check out Shaun of the Dead. Hilarious.

Now, on with the zombies.

from: BusterMcGee @ Etsy

from: GutenMonsters @ Etsy

from: SickOnSin @ Etsy

from: Zygopsyche @ Etsy

from: stringfellowart @ Etsy

from: Makibas @ Etsy

from: MischievouslyCute @ Etsy

from: EmandSprout @ Etsy

from: MoonsCreations @ Etsy


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