Topic : Clocks

I haven't really got anything to say...

but here,


from: maryjudy @ Etsy

from: dustfurniture @ Etsy

from: uncommon @ Etsy

from: pilotdesign @ Etsy

from: KonaInteriors @ Etsy

from: 1byliz @ Etsy

from: woodswise @ Etsy

from: MantaWave @ Etsy

from: RetroUnique @ Etsy


Topic : Wallets

I am constantly on the look out for a new wallet. I grow tired of things pretty easily and it seems that changing up my wallet or purse is an easy peasy way to maintain my self with less frustration.

I have a huge addiction to purses and, it seems, that addiction is spreading to include wallets and pouches of all kinds.

So, needless to point out, I was browsing through etsy and came across some completely bad ass wallets. I want them all... please?

Check 'em out.

from: picklehead @ Etsy

from: hippofabulous @ Etsy

from: DearSukie @ Etsy

from: mariforssell @ Etsy

from: MartyMay @ Etsy

from: collisionware @ Etsy

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from: MishmashDesigns @ Etsy

from: urbanheirlooms @ Etsy


Topic : Scarves

It's getting colder. So we need to start thinking about dressing a bit warmer...

Check out these awesome scarves that are popping up all over etsy:

from: awkward @ Etsy

from: fibrevolution @ Etsy

from: rosaleendhu @ Etsy

from: aprikotDIY @ Etsy

from: AnneliesBags @ Etsy

from: cutehana @ Etsy

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from: theoddbird @ Etsy

from: MichelleBrusegaard @ Etsy


Topic : Toy Jewelry (?)

So I am having a hard time classifying a topic for this post. Basically, I did a couple of different searches to try to find items that I thought fit what I was going for.

See, the idea behind this whole post came to me as I was browsing some of the online shops that I frequent. I came across this really cool lego jewelry that someone had thought up... only, the price tag was a might out of my grasp. They were asking anywhere from 2 to 3 hundred dollars for some of these pieces. (Mind you, they had added diamonds and such to some of these pieces so the price tag, though steep, made a bit of sense...) But, I got to wondering... are there shops on etsy that would satisfy my nostalgia craving of having old toys and games that I used to play with turned into awesomeness of awesome jewelry? And there was... many different sellers take old toys and games and turn them into the cutest jewelry pieces imaginable. I even found more reasonably priced versions of the lego jewelry that I was so fond of... So here they are...

My nostagia/toy/jewelry items for this post. (anyone with a better title for this post should speak up and help a sister out, here... yeah? ♥)

from: Pixxje @ Etsy

from: honeypopjewellery @ Etsy

from: MichellesCharmWorld @ Etsy

from: Geekables @ Etsy

from: Cufflinks @ Etsy

from: sulablu @ Etsy

from: Jasminizzle @ Etsy

from: kimbolina @ Etsy

from: bunnylogic @ Etsy

Oh, and btw, I had this post all ready to go on Friday... but I forgot to post it. I'm a dummy cake. No smart cookies here. ♥♥♥


{Color Post} Grey & Lime

Color post. Lime and grey. My favorite color combination.

from: McYarnpants @ Etsy

from: Xenotees @ Etsy

from: OrganiLuxe @ Etsy

from: SimonDesign @ Etsy


Site ||| shanalogic.com

I, actually, stumbled upon this site quite accidentally. I was reading a blog that I visit quite frequently and seen a link to this site... so I clicked it.

Lo and behold, it led me to a site that features numerous items from numerous artists/crafters that I currently am lusting after.

So, how about all you wondermous folks mosey over and take a looksie...

The site tonight: shanalogic.com

Mini Birdcage Pillow - White ($18.00)

Happy Apple Plushy Pillow ($40.00)

Birchwood Tray - Little Lambs ($18.00 - on sale)

12 Oz Ceramic Mug - Birdcages (orange) ($25.00)

Happy Apple Top ($45.00)

Grumpy Owl Plus Sized Tee ($25.00)

Belt - Little Lamb ($16.00)

Sir Fancy Rabbit Field Bag - Army Green ($25.00)

Apple Eye Print ($25.00)


Topic : Autumn Nature Prints

A friend of mine was looking for artwork for her humble abode and asked me if I knew of anywhere that she would be able to find photograph/prints of "autumn-y" scenes. I was, like, well, duh. Etsy, of course... So we started to browse.

Here are a few of of my favorites... and we only looked for like 5 minutes, so I'm sure there are hundreds more out there that are just as beautiful.

from: irenesuchocki @ Etsy

from: buckscountyframes @ Etsy

from: ara133photography @ Etsy

from: ShadedMemories @ Etsy

from: TCaponePhoto @ Etsy

from: studioQdesigns @ Etsy

from: TinaCrespo @ Etsy

from: jesspeterson @ Etsy

from: Erina68 @ Etsy