Topic : Wallets

I am constantly on the look out for a new wallet. I grow tired of things pretty easily and it seems that changing up my wallet or purse is an easy peasy way to maintain my self with less frustration.

I have a huge addiction to purses and, it seems, that addiction is spreading to include wallets and pouches of all kinds.

So, needless to point out, I was browsing through etsy and came across some completely bad ass wallets. I want them all... please?

Check 'em out.

from: picklehead @ Etsy

from: hippofabulous @ Etsy

from: DearSukie @ Etsy

from: mariforssell @ Etsy

from: MartyMay @ Etsy

from: collisionware @ Etsy

from: mauk @ Etsy

from: MishmashDesigns @ Etsy

from: urbanheirlooms @ Etsy


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