Topic: Newness.

So. Not a real post... I'll try to do one of those later tonight...


An announcement.

I have started a new blog to aid me in getting my etsy shop off the ground.


Go check it out. I'll be working at keeping that extremely updated.


Random Seller - twistyfishies

So, I'm a slack ass. Completely lacking in the updating department.

I've been busy with some crochet projects... and I'm wanting to get ready for a local craft fair coming up in December... so yeah.

Sadly, this little blog has fallen to the wayside a bit... but really, I'm working on being better...

Anyhow. I've decided to do a quick little random seller post tonight...

I'm completely infatuated with this shop and recently just purchased my own little monster from here... (She's adorable and sits on my desk at work.. I'll add a pic later o_0)

The shop is: twistyfishies and they make me smile.

Have a look:

Twistyfishies blog is HERE
and their facebook page is HERE.


Random Seller - violastudio

So, I am completely not feeling well today...

I've been avoiding anything that requires me to be out of bed...

Basically that means my laptop and tv have been my only friends today...

I did discover another shop that I simply adore... I've had some of their items show up in some of my topics posts before.... but here, they will be featured seller for today....
The shop is: violastudio and they are wonderful.

Have a look:


Topic: Goats

So, as you may have read last night... I've had this entry ready since yesterday... My plans for last night fully included grabbing up my laptop and posting this... but, alas, time ran away with me and the boy was being a bit of a jerk and we ended up going to bed with no computer time to be had. 0_o sad.

Aw well, I'm here now and that's all that *really* matters, right?

So, lots of stuff going on... I've been crocheting non stop, it seems, for the last couple days... I've made 2 hats, a monstey, a baby lion... you can check all of them out on my face book page.... there is a link to your right. I've also got 2 more orders that I need to whip up... a dino hat for a friend of friend... and a baby blanket/critter combo for a baby shower my aunt is going to. Busy busy.

Oh, and there is a fantastic giveaway going on over at the amazing Strumpets Crumpets. Becky is a wonderful girl and you should head over and check out her bloggity blog. You won't be disappointed.

So, yeah. My post. Tonight's topic? Goats. Yes. Goats.

My bestest... she *loves* goats. Simply adores them. She was telling me (via facebook) about how she has a super hard time finding anything cute that is goat related... I told her I was on the job and went to etsy. :)

Now, in all honesty, I did find a few super cute things... BUT she is right in the fact that goat-cuteness is largely unavailable. I mean, you do a search for poo on etsy and more cuteness shows up than in a search for goats... but whatever, I was able to locate enough cuteness for a blog post.

PLUS I found inspiration for my bestest's Christmas gift... (that crocheted goat's hat is just toooooo cute, no?)

Anyhow, check out the goods:

from: nogginsnbobbins @ Etsy

from: hybernate @ Etsy

from: monsieurt @ Etsy

from: ellenhammen @ Etsy

from: gettinghooked @ Etsy

from: YabblesHats @ Etsy

from: HennyPennysJumble @ Etsy

from: LemongrassDesign @ Etsy

from: lollytots @ Etsy


No such luck...

So... this afternoon, before work, I took the time to prepare 2 wonderfully fantastic posts for you, my darling readers.
Alas, these fantastic posts are waiting for me on my laptop... which, for right now, I am lacking access to. :(

Right now I am updating this silly thing from my phone... not my most favorite thing in the world...

So, my lovelys, come back bright & early tomorrow for a wonderful posts... you'll love it.


{Color Post} Lime Green & Navy

So, a few nights ago... (well, to be honest, almost a week ago...) I finished up another monstey...

I need to get her sent out to my bestest... it took me way too long to finish up... and it's, like, the third or fourth incarnation of said monstey. I kept making them in the color combo she wanted and they just weren't turning out the way I had hoped. This one, I think, is good, though. 0_o

After finishing up the monstey, I was able to start on my latest projects... some super cute hats... I finished up the first one last night. It's definitely not perfect. Definitely not. BUT I think it turned out well for my first hat EVER. (Plus, the pattern I purchased had a lot less pictures than I hoped and was written in a somewhat minimalist type way... it was a bit different than I am used to. So, that in itself was an experience...)

But here, have a looksie:

Whatcha think? I need to get some pictures tonight of it actually on my nephews head so we can all get the full effect of that fact that its a hat... but whatevs... I'm quite pleased with it.

Which leads me to this morning's post... I think I may have done a post like this previously... but aw well. I'm good with repeating myself. :)

Color post.

Lime Green and Navy. (hmmm, wonder where that idea sprouted from...)

Check out the awesomeness:

from: buttonsoupjewelry @ Etsy

from: SnallygasterFibers @ Etsy

from: contemori @ Etsy


Zazzle / ->Owl search<-

So... I'm still fighting this whole "motivation" thing... my brain is telling me to get off my butt and work on some stuff... but I'm having some serious issues actually listening to what my brain is telling me...

I ordered a few crochet patterns off of etsy yesterday... I'm anxious to get started on them... but i'm kinda stuck because i'm in the middle of a project that i have no desire to finish, but I am one of those people that does not want to start something else, because then the first project will NEVER get done... gah.

So therefore... no crocheting again for me tonight... maybe I'll just force to finish up tomorrow morning so i can start on my new things...

Anyhow... there is nothing like distracting myself with this blog to make me feel a little better anyhow...

I was playing around on zazzle and stumbled on a really nice owl image... i'm thinking the person only has it available as a poster and as a shoe(?) but none the less i <3 it.

So i've decided to start tonight's post with it...

And to finish the post... some more awesome owls from zazzle... (I searched only for images that were available as posters... so there may be some more amazingly awesome owl images on zazzle that I have yet to see... but... yeah...) check these out:

That last one there... the owl seems almost an after-thought... but i had to include it... isn't it beautiful?



Clouds {Hearts}

Me and my boy had nothing but a lazy day planned for today... we ended up deciding to head out of town on a super-mini road trip to the next bigger sized town to our west. We wound up driving around and looking at beautiful houses, neat-o train yards, and then stopped at this huge, nice park. It had a light house that we got to walk to the top of, multiple bridges (even a covered wooden one), and an old steam train engine on display... It also had a small deer park and a petting zoo (which, sadly was closed) But we had an amazing day.

On the way home there was some really neat looking clouds in the sky ahead of us so I tried my hand at taking some pictures... (I'm still a bit un-used to taking pictures with my cell phone... but there are some neat features on it, that led to some of these neat pictures...) Take a look:

So, I decided to find some more awesome images of clouds on WeHeartIt.

Whatcha think, dearies?

How'd you spend your lazy Sunday?

<3 Tee