Clouds {Hearts}

Me and my boy had nothing but a lazy day planned for today... we ended up deciding to head out of town on a super-mini road trip to the next bigger sized town to our west. We wound up driving around and looking at beautiful houses, neat-o train yards, and then stopped at this huge, nice park. It had a light house that we got to walk to the top of, multiple bridges (even a covered wooden one), and an old steam train engine on display... It also had a small deer park and a petting zoo (which, sadly was closed) But we had an amazing day.

On the way home there was some really neat looking clouds in the sky ahead of us so I tried my hand at taking some pictures... (I'm still a bit un-used to taking pictures with my cell phone... but there are some neat features on it, that led to some of these neat pictures...) Take a look:

So, I decided to find some more awesome images of clouds on WeHeartIt.

Whatcha think, dearies?

How'd you spend your lazy Sunday?

<3 Tee


kat said...

omg. i super heart the moon + clouds image :)

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