{Color Post} Gray & Yellow

Yay. A new color post.

I have been m.i.a. the last few days and for that I apologies. I've just been a little lazy. Yeah. I've had all the time in the world to update this thing and just never got around to it. It's shameful really.

Ah well. Anyhow, Here I am... and back with a new color post.

Gray and yellow.

Not my favorite colors, but when you put them together... they just kinda, I don't know, pop, I guess.

Me likee.

So here ya go, gray and yellow:

from: sineminugur @ Etsy

from: machnlola @ Etsy

from: ministryofyarn @ Etsy

from: infusion @ Etsy

from: SewnNatural @ Etsy


Site ||| shopplasticland.com (sweetheart shop items)

It's almost valentine's day. The items showing up in this shop are so cute.

Shopplasticland.com is one of my favorite sites, ever. Their sweetheart shop has the cutest valentine's gifts. (I will definitely have another plasticland post featuring everyday items some time soon.)

The site tonight: shopplasticland.com

Heart Shaped Kitchen Spatula ($13.00)

Silver Lips Silhouette Pendant Necklace ($14.00)

Red Heart Shaped 2-Sided Vanity Mirror ($16.00)

Queen of Hearts Baking Set ($64.00)

Anchor Print Mesh & Lace Panty & Brallette Set ($29.99 / clearance price)

Red Kitsch Baroque Photo Frame ($19.00)

Queen of Hearts Cardigan Sweater ($36.00)

White Polka Dot Hearts Parasol Umbrella ($24.00)

Dead Sexy Perfume by TokyoMilk ($29.00)


SunShine Award

I was in need of a little sunshine today... what with the ugliness of all that snow that needed shoveling outside my little home this morning... and with my car being buried up past it's doors so that I was unable to leave my house till my boy dug it out. ::sigh::

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sweetheart that does NightOwlCraftWorks blog has given me a nice little sunshine award. Super sweet of her.

Now, I get to pass it along to some of my own lovelies...

And in no particular order:


Okay. So. Now, once you get word that I've given you this award here are the "rules" you should follow (if you want to... I'm not pushy.)
Here are the Rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post
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3. Link the nominees within your post
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{Color Post} Red & Pink

First color post of the year?

I think so.

Pink and red to keep up with the Valentine-sy feel of things...

BUT, really? The items have nothing to do with Valentines.

I ♥ them anyways.

from: happyfamily @ Etsy

from: pixieglam @ Etsy

from: autumnoak @ Etsy


Topic: LoveBirds

So. Love birds. Adorable.

Valentine's day is almost here and I'm trying so hard to get into it.

Went out Saturday night and bought a few Valentine's day gifts... working on keeping them hidden till next Sunday.


I'm bad with stuff like that... I buy stuff for people and then want to give it to them right away.


Valentines, love, cuteness, etc.

Tonight's topic: Love Birds.

So amazingly cute. Check 'em:

from: jorgensenstudio @ Etsy

from: feltmeupdesigns @ Etsy

from: urastarhouse @ Etsy

from: joojoo @ Etsy

from: JamiesArt @ Etsy

from: LueandSue @ Etsy

from: elmstudiosonline @ Etsy

from: chenzi @ Etsy

from: berrysprite @ Etsy


Topic: Love Plushies

So, I'm not exactly anti-valentine's day... but it's not my favorite time either.

Anyhow, I'm trying to get in the spirit of things... so here... love plushes.

So cute. These actually make me feel a wee bit warm and fuzzy inside. :)

*I luff them*

from: LoRiLaTortuga @ Etsy

from: necessarynonsense @ Etsy

from: KreatingInsecurities @ Etsy

from: byAgnes @ Etsy

from: woolcrazy @ Etsy

from: ParamiPanda @ Etsy

from: claraiuribe @ Etsy

from: violastudio @ Etsy

from: Flufftail @ Etsy


Topic : Sad Plushies

I am so not in the mood for life right now.

It's kind of blind siding me and throwing me off a bit.

I'm gravitating towards the unwanted and unloved. The sad and the unhappy. Lame-ish, I guess, but it's where I'm at.

Anyhow, so, here, sad plushies. ((but oh so super cute))

from: sighfoo @ Etsy

from: sleepyking @ Etsy

from: rainingmistygray @ Etsy

from: FantasticToys @ Etsy

from: applenoggin @ Etsy

from: cuddlesINC @ Etsy

from: chetanddot @ Etsy

from: shelikescute @ Etsy