Topic: LoveBirds

So. Love birds. Adorable.

Valentine's day is almost here and I'm trying so hard to get into it.

Went out Saturday night and bought a few Valentine's day gifts... working on keeping them hidden till next Sunday.


I'm bad with stuff like that... I buy stuff for people and then want to give it to them right away.


Valentines, love, cuteness, etc.

Tonight's topic: Love Birds.

So amazingly cute. Check 'em:

from: jorgensenstudio @ Etsy

from: feltmeupdesigns @ Etsy

from: urastarhouse @ Etsy

from: joojoo @ Etsy

from: JamiesArt @ Etsy

from: LueandSue @ Etsy

from: elmstudiosonline @ Etsy

from: chenzi @ Etsy

from: berrysprite @ Etsy


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