Site ||| shopplasticland.com (sweetheart shop items)

It's almost valentine's day. The items showing up in this shop are so cute.

Shopplasticland.com is one of my favorite sites, ever. Their sweetheart shop has the cutest valentine's gifts. (I will definitely have another plasticland post featuring everyday items some time soon.)

The site tonight: shopplasticland.com

Heart Shaped Kitchen Spatula ($13.00)

Silver Lips Silhouette Pendant Necklace ($14.00)

Red Heart Shaped 2-Sided Vanity Mirror ($16.00)

Queen of Hearts Baking Set ($64.00)

Anchor Print Mesh & Lace Panty & Brallette Set ($29.99 / clearance price)

Red Kitsch Baroque Photo Frame ($19.00)

Queen of Hearts Cardigan Sweater ($36.00)

White Polka Dot Hearts Parasol Umbrella ($24.00)

Dead Sexy Perfume by TokyoMilk ($29.00)


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