Topic: Love Plushies

So, I'm not exactly anti-valentine's day... but it's not my favorite time either.

Anyhow, I'm trying to get in the spirit of things... so here... love plushes.

So cute. These actually make me feel a wee bit warm and fuzzy inside. :)

*I luff them*

from: LoRiLaTortuga @ Etsy

from: necessarynonsense @ Etsy

from: KreatingInsecurities @ Etsy

from: byAgnes @ Etsy

from: woolcrazy @ Etsy

from: ParamiPanda @ Etsy

from: claraiuribe @ Etsy

from: violastudio @ Etsy

from: Flufftail @ Etsy


Lens Based Fiction said...

They make me VERY warm and fuzzy inside ^_^ all so sweet

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