Topic : Cowboys

I ♥ cowboys.

Don't ask me why...

I have no idea...

I just do.

So, here...

A post on cowboys:

from: TwentySecondStreet @ Etsy

from: WarmWindsDesigns @ Etsy

from: leearthaus @ Etsy

from: PiecesOfPine @ Etsy

from: panikin @ Etsy

krispybanana @ Etsy

AdelesAunt @ Etsy

from: teachermom @ Etsy

from: coziesbycheri @ Etsy


Random Seller - FantasticToys

So. Random seller post tonight...

I am actually thinking of changing the name of these posts... seeing as the sellers aren't really random so much as they are just incredibly awesome. It's not like I randomly choose who to feature here...

These shops are, really, some of my favorites on etsy. They are so inspiring and, I dunno, almost magical in how wonderful they are.

So yeah. Contemplating a name change for these posts, but here it is...

Tonight's random etsy seller:


I've been in love with this shop for quite some time now. Such incredibly cute stuff resides in this shop, it's unbelievable.

Check it out:

I ♥ it all.

For more info about this seller, you can check out their BLOG.


Topic : Wisconsin

I've had this post ready for nearly 2 days now but am only now finding a few moments to post it. Megh.

That's life I guess. Busy busy little bees.

So. Wisconsin. Not my favorite place in the world... but it's home. I've grown attached to it, and doubt I'll be leaving it any time soon.

So, here. A post dedicated to Wisconsin:

from: lovecalifornia @ Etsy

from: MichelleAndHerDog @ Etsy

from: melfannin @ Etsy


from: rarrarpress @ Etsy

WGSCandleCo @ Etsy

jetsetpaper @ Etsy

from: BartonArtel @ Etsy

from: DaogreerEarthWorks @ Etsy


Topic : Fruit Jewelry

So. Today was a slightly abnormal day...

It started out kind of slow, as I was trying to figure out how my body was going to respond to some new meds... (it responded a little oddly, btw.)

So, I sat... I worked on the internet for a bit... watched some tv... boring boring boring.

Then I decided to venture in to the realm of free crochet patterns on the internet... and I was sucked in.

I started a new project... a little quadropus that I finally finished about an hour ago... his name is Robinn and ohhh how he wishes he could be an octopus... but alas... there just wasn't enough stuffing for all those little legs... so he ended up with only 4. Hence, he is a quadropus, not an octopus. Here's a not so great picture:

I ♥ him.

Ahem. Moving along.

I also did a small bit of running around and getting supper prepared this evening... again, boring boring boring.

Then I decided to post here... and could not for the life of me think of anything to post about...

It took me a while but I think I found some pretty nice pieces...

Here check em out:

from: Sphider @ Etsy

from: liveoakcreations @ Etsy

from: AiramTreasures @ Etsy

from: DestinysCreations @ Etsy

from: customcreative @ Etsy

EmedeeSilverJewelry @ Etsy

InsomniArt @ Etsy

from: bellabijoujewellery @ Etsy

from: orangeandyellow @ Etsy


Topic : Ninjas



Yeap. Ninjas.

Why ninjas?

I haven't got a clue (well, except for the fact that I find these ones to be cute as hell)... but, here they are. In all their amazingness...

from: DefiantDamsel @ Etsy

from: leatherprince @ Etsy

from: SickOnSin @ Etsy

from: moonscreations @ Etsy

from: Komodokat @ Etsy

twilightdesigns24 @ Etsy

NeedleNoodles @ Etsy

from: finestimaginary @ Etsy

from: egyptianruin @ Etsy


Random Seller - plantsandanimals

So, I'm still keeping a bit busy with trying to get ready for the craft show on Sunday. (which also happens to be my birthday... yay 27.)

Though, today was my final day of work for the week so perhaps I'll be able to finagle some time to get some more stuff done... *keeping fingers crossed*

We will have to wait and see how it goes.

Anyhow. I have found a few moments of time for a new blog post for tonight...

I haven't done a random seller post in quite a very long while, and it seems it's about time for one... so here goes.

Random etsy seller post tonight...

I bring to you:

Check it out: plantsandanimals.

I've been a fan of this shop for a good long while... Such cute awesomeness abounds here... check some of this stuff out:

I ♥ all of it.

For more info about this seller, you can check out their blog at: http://plantsanimals.blogspot.com