So... I'm at work. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. I could get in trouble.

BUT this is the only place I have internet right now... hence my lack of updating like I promised.

I'm a horrible person and should be stomped on.

I'll be fighting with the internet at home this weekend and hopefully I'll get everything up and running. Then there will be some updatey-goodness.

Much love.




so i was totally gonna update this here blog with my new idea for some post-itty goodness... but my internet was being a lame ass and not allowing me to connect and now that I've got that madness figured out, my laptop is dying. megh. tomorrow night... definitely. i promise.


Something new....

I've been M.I.A the last few weeks... busy, busy, busy with all the monotony that is my life...

But I'm back and working on a surprise next few posts. Check back sometime this weekend... you won't be disappointed.


Topic : Clocks

I haven't really got anything to say...

but here,


from: maryjudy @ Etsy

from: dustfurniture @ Etsy

from: uncommon @ Etsy

from: pilotdesign @ Etsy

from: KonaInteriors @ Etsy

from: 1byliz @ Etsy

from: woodswise @ Etsy

from: MantaWave @ Etsy

from: RetroUnique @ Etsy


Topic : Wallets

I am constantly on the look out for a new wallet. I grow tired of things pretty easily and it seems that changing up my wallet or purse is an easy peasy way to maintain my self with less frustration.

I have a huge addiction to purses and, it seems, that addiction is spreading to include wallets and pouches of all kinds.

So, needless to point out, I was browsing through etsy and came across some completely bad ass wallets. I want them all... please?

Check 'em out.

from: picklehead @ Etsy

from: hippofabulous @ Etsy

from: DearSukie @ Etsy

from: mariforssell @ Etsy

from: MartyMay @ Etsy

from: collisionware @ Etsy

from: mauk @ Etsy

from: MishmashDesigns @ Etsy

from: urbanheirlooms @ Etsy


Topic : Scarves

It's getting colder. So we need to start thinking about dressing a bit warmer...

Check out these awesome scarves that are popping up all over etsy:

from: awkward @ Etsy

from: fibrevolution @ Etsy

from: rosaleendhu @ Etsy

from: aprikotDIY @ Etsy

from: AnneliesBags @ Etsy

from: cutehana @ Etsy

from: katyandzucchini @ Etsy

from: theoddbird @ Etsy

from: MichelleBrusegaard @ Etsy


Topic : Toy Jewelry (?)

So I am having a hard time classifying a topic for this post. Basically, I did a couple of different searches to try to find items that I thought fit what I was going for.

See, the idea behind this whole post came to me as I was browsing some of the online shops that I frequent. I came across this really cool lego jewelry that someone had thought up... only, the price tag was a might out of my grasp. They were asking anywhere from 2 to 3 hundred dollars for some of these pieces. (Mind you, they had added diamonds and such to some of these pieces so the price tag, though steep, made a bit of sense...) But, I got to wondering... are there shops on etsy that would satisfy my nostalgia craving of having old toys and games that I used to play with turned into awesomeness of awesome jewelry? And there was... many different sellers take old toys and games and turn them into the cutest jewelry pieces imaginable. I even found more reasonably priced versions of the lego jewelry that I was so fond of... So here they are...

My nostagia/toy/jewelry items for this post. (anyone with a better title for this post should speak up and help a sister out, here... yeah? ♥)

from: Pixxje @ Etsy

from: honeypopjewellery @ Etsy

from: MichellesCharmWorld @ Etsy

from: Geekables @ Etsy

from: Cufflinks @ Etsy

from: sulablu @ Etsy

from: Jasminizzle @ Etsy

from: kimbolina @ Etsy

from: bunnylogic @ Etsy

Oh, and btw, I had this post all ready to go on Friday... but I forgot to post it. I'm a dummy cake. No smart cookies here. ♥♥♥


{Color Post} Grey & Lime

Color post. Lime and grey. My favorite color combination.

from: McYarnpants @ Etsy

from: Xenotees @ Etsy

from: OrganiLuxe @ Etsy

from: SimonDesign @ Etsy


Site ||| shanalogic.com

I, actually, stumbled upon this site quite accidentally. I was reading a blog that I visit quite frequently and seen a link to this site... so I clicked it.

Lo and behold, it led me to a site that features numerous items from numerous artists/crafters that I currently am lusting after.

So, how about all you wondermous folks mosey over and take a looksie...

The site tonight: shanalogic.com

Mini Birdcage Pillow - White ($18.00)

Happy Apple Plushy Pillow ($40.00)

Birchwood Tray - Little Lambs ($18.00 - on sale)

12 Oz Ceramic Mug - Birdcages (orange) ($25.00)

Happy Apple Top ($45.00)

Grumpy Owl Plus Sized Tee ($25.00)

Belt - Little Lamb ($16.00)

Sir Fancy Rabbit Field Bag - Army Green ($25.00)

Apple Eye Print ($25.00)


Topic : Autumn Nature Prints

A friend of mine was looking for artwork for her humble abode and asked me if I knew of anywhere that she would be able to find photograph/prints of "autumn-y" scenes. I was, like, well, duh. Etsy, of course... So we started to browse.

Here are a few of of my favorites... and we only looked for like 5 minutes, so I'm sure there are hundreds more out there that are just as beautiful.

from: irenesuchocki @ Etsy

from: buckscountyframes @ Etsy

from: ara133photography @ Etsy

from: ShadedMemories @ Etsy

from: TCaponePhoto @ Etsy

from: studioQdesigns @ Etsy

from: TinaCrespo @ Etsy

from: jesspeterson @ Etsy

from: Erina68 @ Etsy