Topic : Stationary

So. Stationary.

I ♥ it.

The cuter, weirder, stranger... the better.

I also love receiving mail all done up with cute stickers, envelopes and papers.

I am also slightly addicted to sending out letters to my faraway friends that are all done up with stickers, glitter, cute paper and envelopes...


I firmly believe I do not have enough pen-pals out there. [hint-hint, wink-wink]

Anyhow... here you go, some of the cute stationary to be had from some wondermous etsy sellers:

from: digitalsweets @ Etsy

from: hawkdesigns @ Etsy

from: boygirlparty @ Etsy

from: LucidDreamDesigns @ Etsy

from: y0omii @ Etsy

from: angelbot @ Etsy

pspapergoods @ Etsy

from: VivaLaViolette @ Etsy

from: paperglitter @ Etsy


Topic : Salt & Pepper Shakers

New post. Yay.

So, back in the day my grandmother used to collect salt and pepper shakers. She had 2 big shelves full of them and I used to think they were so neat. Me and my sister would literally beg her to let us dust them. It was an all day event and we had to be super careful not to break any of them. I loved those things.

Alas, though, my grams decided to give her entire collection to my aunt and I no longer get to go over to my grandma's house and dust and rearrange her salt and pepper shakers. It's sad really.

BUT! Lately I have been noticing a lot of salt and pepper shaker sets popping up on websites that I visit rather frequently and decided to post them up here.


Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Girly Skulls Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($20.00)

Snails Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($20.00)

Ninjas Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($20.00)

Mushroom Salt & Pepper Set ($20.00)

Bunny Love Salt and Pepper Shakers ($20.00)

Baby Sumo Wrestler Salt & Pepper Shakers ($20.00)

Sweet Pea Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($20.00)

Cheesy Salt and Pepper Shakers ($19.99)

Klaus and Yves Shakers ($6.99)

*Coming Soon*

I know I keep saying this... but I have high hopes of getting back to regularly updating this thing.

I have been out of commission lately, recently diagnosed with kidney stones. After 3 trips to the ER and an out-patient surgery scheduled for the beginning of June, maybe I can get some of my free time back. I do have many plans for this blog... ideas about different types of posts and whatnot.

Hopefully I can find the motivation and time to get going on it.

I'll be back soon with *hopefully* an awesome update.