Topic : Stationary

So. Stationary.

I ♥ it.

The cuter, weirder, stranger... the better.

I also love receiving mail all done up with cute stickers, envelopes and papers.

I am also slightly addicted to sending out letters to my faraway friends that are all done up with stickers, glitter, cute paper and envelopes...


I firmly believe I do not have enough pen-pals out there. [hint-hint, wink-wink]

Anyhow... here you go, some of the cute stationary to be had from some wondermous etsy sellers:

from: digitalsweets @ Etsy

from: hawkdesigns @ Etsy

from: boygirlparty @ Etsy

from: LucidDreamDesigns @ Etsy

from: y0omii @ Etsy

from: angelbot @ Etsy

pspapergoods @ Etsy

from: VivaLaViolette @ Etsy

from: paperglitter @ Etsy


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