Topic : Koalas

So, I was at work tonight. I work the front desk at our local library. A little girl comes up to me and asks me what my favorite animal is...

I had no idea what answer to give her.

So, that's what I said... I said, "Honey, I have no idea... they're all kinda neat... which is your favorite?"

She answered, "Well, koalas, duh."

Like it was the simplest answer in the world and everyone should have known it was her favorite.

Or maybe she thought that the 5 books in her arms all with koalas prominently featured in their titles and pictures should have clued me in... but whatever.



I'd forgotten all about them.

Here, A koala post:

from: TalkProof @ Etsy

from: KileyKoala @ Etsy

from: LoveableTreasures @ Etsy

from: ThePoppyTree @ Etsy

from: VeryVintage @ Etsy

from: DownAbove @ Etsy

from: PigglyandPebbles @ Etsy

from: urastarhouse @ Etsy

from: PopUpCardMaking @ Etsy

Topic : Skunks

I woke up early this morning to get my boy off to work... well, much like any morning. I took a minute to check out my internet world while I was waiting for his grumpy butt to start moving.

I checked out twitter and stumbled across a quick tweet from @cutethingsfound about a seller called jennylovesbenny. I had never heard of her and won't get into the details of the twitter goings-ons, cause, yeah, whatevers... but I started looking at the jennylovesbenny shop and stumbled upon this little skunk guy and fell in love.

I instantly decided a skunk posting was in order and now here I sit... typing out this madness instead of getting a few extra minutes of shut eye before work. Hmph.

But, yeah... Skunks. Enjoy:

from: JennyLovesBenny @ Etsy

from: Kaylah7 @ Etsy

from: WineOnSundays @ Etsy

from: DownZipper @ Etsy

from: Chiwaluv @ Etsy

from: Platipuses @ Etsy

from: SharryJo @ Etsy

from: Owlishly @ Etsy

from: NutandBee @ Etsy


{Color Post} Violet

You're turning violet, Violette!

Your right, if you guessed we have a color post coming your way. Make room for a violet post.

Violet, purple, plum.... whatever they wanna call it in the descriptions... here are some fantastic violet pieces:

from: ALittleStranger @ Etsy

from: Danielleorama @ Etsy

from: KimberlyJonesDesigns @ Etsy

Random Seller - Track and Field Designs

Random seller time has come around again... I like doing these posts... :)

Anyhow, I ♥ this shop. Go check it out.

Here we go: TrackAndFieldDesigns

You can also check out her blog. Click HERE


Topic : Hippos


Hippos are cute.


from: WolfBait @ Etsy

from: OhSoRetro @ Etsy

from: WaterBears @ Etsy

from: Rohmer @ Etsy

from: meltemsem @ Etsy

from: djonesgirlz @ Etsy

from: AllieBeans @ Etsy

from: IcingOnTheCupcake @ Etsy

from: jefita @ Etsy


Topic : Social Commentary

love is love.

love is blind.

from: mujoyas @ Etsy

from: Sbdesign @ Etsy

from: Jasminizzle @ Etsy

from: beanforest @ Etsy

from: MetalTaboo @ Etsy

from: ragtrader @ Etsy

from: brandedbutterflytwo @ Etsy

from: intheneedles @ Etsy

from: sweetheartsinner @ Etsy


Topic : Vampire Plushies

New post tonight. Vampire plushies. Cause I ♥ how creepy cute some of them are.
Here, look:

from: StringFellowArt @ Etsy

from: MichealClothing @ Etsy

from: SleepyKing @ Etsy

from: NecessaryNonsense @ Etsy

from: WalrusPuppet @ Etsy

from: ChetandDot @ Etsy

from: PinkSprinklesPlush @ Etsy

from: IHeartDaleStitching @ Etsy

from: FlanneryO @ Etsy