Topic : Skunks

I woke up early this morning to get my boy off to work... well, much like any morning. I took a minute to check out my internet world while I was waiting for his grumpy butt to start moving.

I checked out twitter and stumbled across a quick tweet from @cutethingsfound about a seller called jennylovesbenny. I had never heard of her and won't get into the details of the twitter goings-ons, cause, yeah, whatevers... but I started looking at the jennylovesbenny shop and stumbled upon this little skunk guy and fell in love.

I instantly decided a skunk posting was in order and now here I sit... typing out this madness instead of getting a few extra minutes of shut eye before work. Hmph.

But, yeah... Skunks. Enjoy:

from: JennyLovesBenny @ Etsy

from: Kaylah7 @ Etsy

from: WineOnSundays @ Etsy

from: DownZipper @ Etsy

from: Chiwaluv @ Etsy

from: Platipuses @ Etsy

from: SharryJo @ Etsy

from: Owlishly @ Etsy

from: NutandBee @ Etsy


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