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"So, go on and build your robots..."

I am a big supporter of local and independent music. There is a wondermous singer/songwriter out of Milwaukee by the name of Lisa Gatewood who has a song about robots. I've only ever heard her do it live, it's not on her album (unfortunately) BUT it is the most amazingly funny/cute/wonderful song I've heard. (The entire time I was looking for items for this post I was hopelessly trying to remember the words to it.)

Anyhoozles, you should check her out if you get the chance. Her name is Lisa Gatewood, and her website is: lisagatewoodmusic.com. She is amazing. And I ♥ her.

So yeah. Tonight's post. Robots. Kinda creepy, but oh so cute. Enjoy.

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Amy Perrotti said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun robots! >[:)]

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