Topic : Birds


You either like 'em... or you don't.

Me? I like them.

You should too.

'Cause they're cute.

Want proof?



from: JodiVonRotten @ Etsy

from: GoMeagan @ Etsy

from: Willow&Quinn @ Etsy

from: AdoraPop @ Etsy

from: MelissaSue @ Etsy

from: ClutchThat @ Etsy

from: MyLavaliere @ Etsy

from: GiftsDefine @ Etsy

from: takenaga @ Etsy

See. Cute birds.

You like?


Topic : HedgeHogs

I knew this girly in highschool that had the coolest pet in the whole world.

His name was Muffin and he was the coolest, cutest, neatest, most sweetest pet. EVER.

He was a hedgehog.

I fell in love.

I ♥d that little guy.

So in honor of Muffin... some cute little hedgies from Etsy.

from: marmar @ Etsy

from: SkunkBoyCreatures @ Etsy

from: ChocolateandSteel @ Etsy

from: YvonneKnits @ Etsy

from: ThalassaJewelry @ Etsy

from: RainbowSwirlz @ Etsy

from: NicoArt @ Etsy

from: TheBlackApple @ Etsy

from: Maluhia @ Etsy

Hedgies =


Random Seller - Chet and Dot

I have discovered that there is an Etsy seller that I like a lot more than I originally thought. Not that I didn't think I liked them before, but I just realized that a lot of my favorite items on my personal etsy account are from this seller.

So I decided that since I lacked a post yesterday, I could double up today and post another random etsy seller. So to put an end to my yammering... one of my all time favorite etsy sellers:

Chet and Dot

Decent prices, cute fabrics, wonderful plushies and bags... What's not to love about this etsy store? Have a look at some of my favorite things:

They also have a blog: ChetandDot @ BlogSpot.

Topic : Apples

The apple of my eye...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... or something, right?

I don't know, but lately I have been inexplicably drawn to apples. I ♥ me some apple-y goodness.

So, here, enjoy the fruits of my labor... haha.

from: CaughtRedHanded @ Etsy

from: AlmondBlossom @ Etsy

from: ByrdieGraphics @ Etsy

from: Chet&Dot @ Etsy

from: Hoots4u @ Etsy

from: MushyBug @ Etsy

from: MyDearDarling @ Etsy

from: downstairsDesigns @ Etsy


Random Seller - Little Odd Forest

So, I was noticing that there are certain people, or sellers, on etsy that show up on my lists quite often. I decided that I am going to randomly call attention to a single seller and showcase a few of the items I really like by these people.

So here is the first random etsy seller that I find horribly awesome:


They have the cutest bags, tanks, and plushies. I &hearts nearly everything on their etsy page. Here, take a look at some of this stuff:

Topic : Whales

A Whale of a tale...

or would that be tail?

I don't know.

Does anyone even read this madness?

If you do, commenting is a nice thing to try sometime.


So, on to whales. I don't know why they're so darn cute, but they are. Here, have a looksie:

from: OhBetsy @ Etsy

from: ThalassaJewelry @ Etsy

from: CharlieandSarah @ Etsy

from: SquirrelBunny @ Etsy

from: SeamSewSwell @ Etsy

from: GrowthSpurts @ Etsy

from: SugarPickle @ Etsy

from: Chet&Dot @ Etsy

from: UnElephantRose @ Etsy