Topic : Whales

A Whale of a tale...

or would that be tail?

I don't know.

Does anyone even read this madness?

If you do, commenting is a nice thing to try sometime.


So, on to whales. I don't know why they're so darn cute, but they are. Here, have a looksie:

from: OhBetsy @ Etsy

from: ThalassaJewelry @ Etsy

from: CharlieandSarah @ Etsy

from: SquirrelBunny @ Etsy

from: SeamSewSwell @ Etsy

from: GrowthSpurts @ Etsy

from: SugarPickle @ Etsy

from: Chet&Dot @ Etsy

from: UnElephantRose @ Etsy


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