Site ||| shanalogic.com

I, actually, stumbled upon this site quite accidentally. I was reading a blog that I visit quite frequently and seen a link to this site... so I clicked it.

Lo and behold, it led me to a site that features numerous items from numerous artists/crafters that I currently am lusting after.

So, how about all you wondermous folks mosey over and take a looksie...

The site tonight: shanalogic.com

Mini Birdcage Pillow - White ($18.00)

Happy Apple Plushy Pillow ($40.00)

Birchwood Tray - Little Lambs ($18.00 - on sale)

12 Oz Ceramic Mug - Birdcages (orange) ($25.00)

Happy Apple Top ($45.00)

Grumpy Owl Plus Sized Tee ($25.00)

Belt - Little Lamb ($16.00)

Sir Fancy Rabbit Field Bag - Army Green ($25.00)

Apple Eye Print ($25.00)


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