Random Seller - twistyfishies

So, I'm a slack ass. Completely lacking in the updating department.

I've been busy with some crochet projects... and I'm wanting to get ready for a local craft fair coming up in December... so yeah.

Sadly, this little blog has fallen to the wayside a bit... but really, I'm working on being better...

Anyhow. I've decided to do a quick little random seller post tonight...

I'm completely infatuated with this shop and recently just purchased my own little monster from here... (She's adorable and sits on my desk at work.. I'll add a pic later o_0)

The shop is: twistyfishies and they make me smile.

Have a look:

Twistyfishies blog is HERE
and their facebook page is HERE.


JMay said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute!

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