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It's raining... it's pouring...the old man is snoring...

Actually, no. It's not raining. Or pouring for that matter.

I only wish it were. Not a heavy rain, mind you. Just a light rain, a little more substantial than a drizzle type rain. I'd like to walk in it for a little while. Minus an umbrella.

I don't have much use for an umbrella. They seem a little pointless to me, as I like to walk in the rain and things... yet, I still like looking at umbrellas. They're neat. I don't know, maybe I'm a weirdo... but umbrellas are kind of neat-o.

So here. A post featuring umbrellas. ((oh, & btw, I *loathe* the umbrella-ella-ella song... so annoying.))

from: MatiLou @ Etsy

from: BirdsHaveFlowers @ Etsy

from: Carambatac @ Etsy

from: RKDsign88 @ Etsy

from: LycheeKiss @ Etsy

from: LusterStudio @ Etsy

from: NavarroCreations @ Etsy

from: Basmati @ Etsy

from: nine20nine @ Etsy


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me in one of you great lists ! I like an umbrella when it rains - they are good for spinning while you do your singing in the rain dance and splash ! HA ha
becca - www.birdshaveflowers.etsy.com

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