Topic : Pandas

What's black and white and super cute?

Why, pandas of course.

Everyone likes pandas, don't they?

I do.

Especially these ones:

from: kukubee @ Etsy

from: y0omii @ Etsy

from: ShowMeArt @ Etsy

from: SquidHead @ Etsy

from: SewPoshBaby @ Etsy

from: HanaPurse @ Etsy

from: Em&Sprout @ Etsy

from: GetFun @ Etsy

from: GeekDetails @ Etsy


sheryan said...

Hi~ thanks for featuring my cute and curious pandas in your blog ^^ It's so cool seeing them here :D yay thanks so much


Mai said...

Hello. Thank you for listing my sock knitting bag. Pandas are CUTE!! Great selections!

Jen said...

Yay you think my panda is cute! Thanks for adding it to your blog of cuteness <3

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