Topic : Squirrels.

I ran over a squirrel once.
He was a tad suicidal, I do believe.
He decided to throw himself into the middle of the road when I going, like, 35 mph and had not a chance in the world of stopping.

I cried for nearly a whole day straight.

For reals.

Squirrels are awesome.

My gramma sits at her kitchen table and watches the squirrels in her backyard try to steal the bird seed out of the birdfeeder. My gramma, she has this real cool "anti-squirrel" birdfeeder that makes watching the squirrel's antics quite enjoyable. Those darned squirrels are quite the little connivers. <-- is that even a word? Connivers? Whatevers.




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Anna said...

Totally cute! Thanks for posting my squirrel. He's happy to be here :)


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