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So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am taking part in a crochet-a-long that is being put on by itsybitsyspidercrochet. I am horribly excited about it and am anxiously awaiting the start of my pumpkin... (I have a few monsteys in progress that I must finish before embarking on the pumpkin journey...) BUT all this talk of pumpkins has got me in a mood, so tonight, my post is all about pumpkin plushies. I do so adore plushies of all kinds...

So check it out:

Can't start out with the pumpkin plushes with out first showing you all my inspiration:

from: theitsybitsyspider @ Etsy

and now, more wondermous pumpkin-y goodness:

from: AmyLDice @ Etsy

from: moonscreations @ Etsy

from: mrowe @ Etsy

from: davenevanxaviour @ Etsy

from: peenanator @ Etsy

from: ForeverTLCreations @ Etsy

from: NotSoShabbyChic @ Etsy

from: ChineseArithmetic @ Etsy

So, does this make anyone else feel like heading out to a pumpkin patch? Bring on Autumn.
♥ Tee


Amy said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!! It's certainly great to see that other people are really pushing to get into the Fall mood. lol.

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

I am in some REALLY AWESOME company! I'm just totally humbled by all the amazing artists out there!

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