Topic : Ghosty Plush

I know it's still early... not even October yet. I can't help it... there are just so many cute halloween-y type plushes out and about on etsy right now.

So, ghosts. Yeap ghosts.

Check 'em out:

from: theitsybitsyspider @ Etsy

from: lovepoppet @ Etsy

from: mintconspiracy @ Etsy

from: ForeverTLCreations @ Etsy

from: Woolykins @ Etsy

from: emandsprout @ Etsy

from: tinyoyster @ Etsy

from: tranifer @ Etsy

from: raggedsplendour @ Etsy


Anonymous said...

Hey Tee! Thanks for adding my Baby Boo softie to your ghostie cuteness list (which, may I add, is ridiculously full of teh cutes - big win!).

See more of my stuff at my website, raggedsplendour.com.au :)

Have a lovely day!
Emily xx

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