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So me and my boy are house/apartment hunting.

It's stressful, really.

He wants to buy a house... but I'm thinking we could rent first... I dunno.

Anyhow. I am thinking about new spaces and what to fill them with. I want a new couch... badly. I want something simple in a plain color. Like brown, tan, or gray... and then I want to pretty-it-up with throw pillows. I can switch 'em out whenever the mood strikes me and keep things simple but with my own weird tastes showing through.

So that brings me to today's post. Pillows. I've been browsing pillows on etsy for weeks now and only just decided to compile a post.

So here we go, Pillows.

(Oh, and if you feel so inclined, drop me a comment and let me know which you like best... I'm planning on possibly making some purchases in the near-ish future.)

from: snowdrop @ Etsy

from: thefairymarket @ Etsy

from: littlebirdart3 @ Etsy

from: bonjourteaspoon @ Etsy

from: dedeetsyshop @ Etsy

from: katedurkin @ Etsy

from: LenkArt @ Etsy

from: Olive @ Etsy

from: norajane @ Etsy


littlebirdart3 said...

Okay, does my vote count on which pillow i like best - if one of the pillows is mine? Diplomatic. Diplomatic. I can be that....really. I can. Honestly, you've got a nice little gaggle going on here (like the bird terminology reference?).....Personally, I'm diggin' pillows # 5 and 7 (from the top) - not counting my own work of art, which shall reamin nameless -but is so gosh darn cute. Okay. Not so diplomatic after all. Anyway, great choices. Hope you get that couch. :)

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