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A good friend of mine likes Beatrix Potter. Like, she really really likes Beatrix Potter. She has even mentioned naming her first born daughter Beatrix.

I dunno, man.

Anyhow. Beatrix Potter is pretty cool. I grew up reading about Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle Duck and Flopsy, Mopsy, and CottonTail...

So, here, for my friend Ashley...

A Beatrix Potter post.

from: MoonGazerQuilts @ Etsy

from: LisaTakata @ Etsy

from: FashionReRun @ Etsy

from: HollyJollyHolidays @ Etsy

from: proteales @ Etsy

from: ButteredParsnips @ Etsy

from: KissMeMoonStudios @ Etsy

from: LittleElfsToyshop @ Etsy

from: BirdinFlightBoutique @ Etsy


LittleElf said...

Oh my goodness, that bunny necklace and little mouse basket are too darling! Thank you for featuring my Jemima Puddle Duck as well. ^_^

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