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So I have decided to try something a little new.

There are quite a few websites floating around on the internets that I happen to check out with some frequency.

They sell cute-ass stuff and its quite possible to find interesting, funny, cute, weird, often times strange things on these sites.

So every once in a while I am going to feature some random website/shop thingy here on this blog and showcase a random smattering of the wondermous things you can find on said site.

So here we go.

The first website/shop to be featured is: PatinaStores. My friend Ashley went to college in the twin cities and visited this shop at their "real-world" location quite frequently. She turned me onto the website via some awesomely chosen Christmas gifts a few years ago.

So yeah, go check it out.

Here are some of the wonderfully great things I've been browsing through on PatinaStores:

owl mug

octopus lamp

monkey key covers

yeti keychain

brown owl hat

red songbird necklace

teal rope handbag

octopus wristlet

dashboard jesus


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