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My best friend's birthday is Sunday.

I bought her a Guinness bar light from a friend who had a bar that was going out of business. BUT I am having issues finding a box large enough to mail it.

So, with that being kind of sucky... I decided to get something small and cute to send along with a birthday card.

I found this:

from: LittleAngelsJewelry @ Etsy

Cute, huh?

I'm hoping she likes it. I need to get it in the mail tomorrow to make sure she gets it before her birthday.

ANYHOW... the gift inspired my post for tonight...

I never knew there were so many things on etsy featuring awesomely wonderful mustaches.

Check 'em out.

from: louloudo @ Etsy

from: sewluckygirl @ Etsy

from: craftease @ Etsy

from: UrbanAntix @ Etsy

from: loveandasandwich @ Etsy

from: hownice @ Etsy

from: theboldbanana @ Etsy

from: Undies @ Etsy

from: CannibalCrafts @ Etsy


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