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So, I work with some pretty cool people.

One of the ladies I work with is awesome with a needle and thread. She quilts, sews, makes bags... does all sorts of really cool stuff. So her and I were talking a few weeks ago about the holidays and she was telling me how her grown children were coming home for Christmas, but it kind of sucked because she had to work the day after Christmas. So, seeing as I had that day off, I volunteered to work for her. She was pretty happy with this idea and offered to make me a purse if I supplied her with the fabric to do so. So, I gave her some brown corduroy fabric and some white with greenish polka dots fabric for lining and she is now in the process of making me a new purse. Awesome, right?

So here, the inspiration for this post. Corduroy purses. Now, I know the purse that is being made for me will be vastly different from any of the ones I'll be posting... but these ones are pretty awesome too. :)

Oh, and btw, I'll try to post pics of my purse once she finishes it. :)

So, here... some beautifully awesome corduroy purses:

from: cindymars7 @ Etsy

from: ThePursery @ Etsy

from: cathystotes @ Etsy

from: JoshRhi7 @ Etsy

from: littleoddforest @ Etsy

from: MickeysCreations @ Etsy

from: bvann @ Etsy

from: SublimeDzign @ Etsy

from: pocketcarnival @ Etsy


Knit2getherInLove said...

Please post a picture of your bag when it is done!
Thank you for including my wristlet in your favorites photo montage!

Penrose Designs said...

I love cordory bags! These are all very cool! I look forward to seeing your new bag.

CraftyGal said...

Thanks for including me in your listing. I can't wait to see how your bag came out.

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