Topic : Hippo Plush

So... this doesn't happen too often, but tonight's post is inspired by one specific item.

I opened up etsy tonight and glanced through the treasury on the front page and seen this.

Naturally, me being me, and my having this crazy love of adorable plushies, I clicked on the shop and looked through the few items posted. I fell in love with one of them...

It's the first item on this list.

It made me look to see if I could locate any more adorable hippo plush... and hence, this post...

Check em out... you shouldn't be disappointed.

from: tinywarbler @ Etsy

from: violastudio @ Etsy

from: talkproof @ Etsy

from: LemonDropsShop @ Etsy

from: Fripperies @ Etsy

from: BiggyPiggy @ Etsy

from: littlebrownwren @ Etsy

from: SUSUTEN @ Etsy

from: sabahnur @ Etsy


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