Topic : Thomas

I have huge plans for this here blog. Really, I do. Ginormous plans.

I just have to find the time to accomplish these plans is all.

I have photos that need to be taken... sites that need to be looked at... graphics that need to be made... really, its all a work in progress.

So, with that having been said, I decided to update with a normal post.

My topic of choice? Thomas the train. Yes.

My nephew LO♥ES Thomas.

So here he is, in all his glory,

Thomas the train:

from: mothernaturesnursery @ Etsy

from: madly2005 @ Etsy

from: zobabyblankies @ Etsy

from: SDKdesigns @ Etsy

from: donnasquiltcreations @ Etsy

from: littlebearscrochet @ Etsy

from: MissOcean @ Etsy

from: practicalgb @ Etsy

from: nickisrainbow @ Etsy


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